One !@#$ty picture that means a lot

See that little tiny blue dot about halfway down the brown streak on the right side of the image? That’s earth. That’s right. Carl Sagan, an astronomy legend, requested that NASA take the image from Voyager 1. It really does show us how small we are.

Astronomer Carl Sagan requested that the picture be taken, and he subsequently reflected that ‘all of human history has happened on that tiny pixel, which is our only home.’

On a related note, there has been some buzz lately about the two Voyager crafts (which were launched in the 1970s) because they are getting very close to exiting the solar system. I believe there is some kind of “Heliosphere” that they will enter? Somehow the particles there are different or something… Pulling from memory here. The point is they aren’t so sure what will happen so it’s exciting!

Image source here.


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