Awesome view of a high pressure system

I love these satellite pictures. High pressure systems are usually an indication of great weather with clear skies. The skies are clear because air is descending in a high pressure system rather than ascending (which creates clouds as the water vapor condenses). Because this high pressure system is in the southern hemisphere it is turning in a counter-clock wise direction. At the edge of the high pressure system, you can see evidence of this rotation from the angled streaks of the clouds.

Enjoy this one. Got an AMAZING time lapse coming up soon 🙂

Read more about it at the UK Guardian here.

The cloud hole, with a diameter that stretched as far as 620 miles across, was caused by sinking air associated with an area of high pressure near the surface. Globally, the average sea-level pressure is about 1013 millibars; at the centre of this high, pressures topped 1,040 millibars

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