Gorgeous map of earthquakes since 1898

John Nelson from IDV Solutions has mapped out all of the earthquakes on Earth since 1898. The firefly like glow of the earthquakes represents the earthquake intensity; the more yellow the color is, the more intense the earthquake. Stunningly beautiful and a great representational tool of plate tectonics.

It took me awhile to figure out where the USA was because the continents are pretty faint. If you look on the lower right side of the image you can easily find South America to the right of the bright line of earthquakes. From there you can easily find your bearings… Let’s hope…

So off topic, but are quakes on Mars called Marsquakes? What about Jupiterquakes? Uranusquakes… Hehehe. Sunquakes exist (see previous post), so I guess so!

Read more here: LiveScience


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